“Paratus was an idea borne from the realisation that our sister company TrainForward was successfully training and assisting in the subsequent licensing of hundreds of candidates per year.The idea in its purist form was to begin recruiting these candidates at the early stages of the training and deploy them shortly after receiving their licenses, to assist in the manning of events for larger security contractors.

As soon as we realised the potential we went into operation, quickly incorporating Paratus (April 2009) and marketing ourselves as a supplier of well trained and licensed SIA operatives.  As time passed, we evolved from one or two operatives for small short term contracts, to teams of 25-30 for events that would often span a weekend or an entire week.  We also began to diversify from Door Security to include into our portfolio Event Security, Corporate and Retail and more recently Residential and Family Security and Close Protection.

We soon realised that we had a particular aptitude for the supply and administration of staff to a wide range of environments, and also that we have a unique ability to engage ‘emotional commitment’ from our teams by being fair, open and honest.​This emotional commitment is rooted from the initial interactions from the training our staff receive.

Our trainers work hard to establish rapport with the candidates and show them that we are consummate professionals, making them feel comfortable working for us at a later stage.

Our feedback from our clients confirms that this is effective. Our teams are fiercely proud of Paratus and work extremely hard to help us establish and maintain the reputation we currently hold. Paratus was set up to make a positive and lasting impression on the industry by supplying quality staff achieved through our core values. Our staff buy into us and this is what gets them out of bed in the morning and work hard for us, and ultimately you!

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